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Consulting Services

In-Depth Consultation Services

We at TMS are relentlessly dedicated to the online success of our clients. Our objective as a company is to guide your online business on the roadway of success. Our marketing consultant team clearly identifies and diagnoses what is needed to implement to achieve your goals and make your online presence a success.

We Are Here To Help You Succeed

We at TMS understand both the complexity and frustrations when it comes to steering your boat in gloomy Google waters. When it comes to SEO marketing, knowledge is precious for a business owner who wants to create and maintain an effective marketing campaign. Our in-depth consultation services performed by our seasoned online marketing professionals keep you up-do-date with the latest trends and information in this every changing environment. We are here to transform your strategy into one that provides you with ideal results once we pinpoint all your online challenges and needs.

Campaigns to Suit Your Needs

To aim for your personal business goals, we custom create a campaign which is solely targeted at your needs and the results you are trying to achieve. Our highly targeted strategy is developed to assist you in marketing your niche effectively with proven results. Every campaign we manage is custom created for each individual business and a highly targeted strategy is devised to assist you in marketing your niche both effectively and successfully. Our marketing experts run an advanced research and analysis of your website and recommend improvements based on them. At the end of the day our main objective is to rank your business at the top of the search engines and increase conversions.

Help Is On The Way

TMS team comprises of experienced online marketing experts who have been there done that, as many of them are or have been business owners themselves and understand all your needs and frustrations. Each of our team members diligently work with you and your needs to offer you both advice and results that are easy to understand and put into action. We offer multitude of consultation services to assist you in identifying your business needs and move your business to the path of success. We provide number of consultation services and some of them include:

  • Marketing Strategy and Comprehensive Audit
  • In-depth Market Research and Analysis
  • Both Panda and Penguin Recovery Road-map
  • Link Strategy Analysis
  • In-depth Competitive Research and Analysis


Online Marketing

A tested, tried and true way of driving traffic to your business website and increase revenue is through organic search engine optimization but there are still other areas of online marketing to increase your revenues. A successful marketing campaign starts with a beautifully designed and developed website. Both the design and overall architecture of your site must be user-friendly in to engage a good relationship with the search engines. Another important factor to take into consideration is the content of your website which needs to be relevant and aimed at your niche. The content needs to be clear and concise to help the user understand the purpose of your site. Once the content is taken care of, then comes the actual marketing of the website. These include but are not limited to

Natural Search Engine Optimization
  • Link Acquisition
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing


With different marketing techniques, TMS will help your business move into the right direction and make your online presence a success.

Consult With Us

Consult with us and see how we can help you succeed with our custom geared solutions based on your needs. Our objective is simple – produce an effective online marketing strategy that will help your business grow. We are here to help you ensure that success knocks on your doorstep years to come.

Give us a chance to help you learn more about digital marketing- its complexity and ever changing environment. Contact us today or fill the form and once of our marking experts will get back to you and revitalize your online appearance.